Wine Boxes

Wine Packaging comes in many shapes and sizes, and has varied in style throughout the years. There are generally three types of wine packaging – the box, bag or cellophane wrap. The difficulty with the packaging of wine is the restoration of many types, shapes and sizes of wine bottle, after all this is the reason why the packaging industry there. There are three main types of wine bottles – Burgundy, Bordeaux and Bocksbeutel. Garnet has a height of about 360 mm, and the Bordeaux. The diameter of both is about 90 mm at the base. The main objective of this paper is the case, but I will briefly mention the other styles before expanding the variety carton.

Mainly wine bags come in paper-based formats that are designed primarily for gift wrapping. Because wine bags less rigid structure tend not to be useful for purposes of transportation orders, since the bottle is not adequately protected. However, the advantage is that the bag can be more easily printed. It is also more versatile in that it is easier to meet different size bottles. Finally, the stock market tends to be cheaper than the box. Cellophane wrap is perhaps the cheapest form of bottled wine. It tends to be used as a wrapper around the box, however, is only visually affective when combined with other decorations such as bows, ribbons, etc.

Wine boxes tend to come in three varieties, cardboard boxes, wooden boxes and transit boxes. Wooden boxes tend to be the highest in the range type of gift packaging for wine. They tend to be more expensive and also take up much space in terms of storage. While the wooden boxes are the most rigid and strong, they are also expensive to publish and are relatively heavy. Cartons of wine offer a cost-effective alternative and can provide some very visually appealing effects. They are cheaper to buy, can be flat packed for easy storage, are strong enough for postal purposes and easier to print.





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