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Cardboard Boxes: A Necessity in Packaging

They are made of heavy paper material that cushions items stored within. This makes them ideal for use in moving of items from one location to another. These boxes ensure items are safe and packed in an easy to handle manner. Because the boxes are made from paper like material, they also allow for air to circulate. Once items are packed in the boxes it becomes simple to arrange them in a vehicle and transport them. It has in fact become the norm for many transporters to offer these boxes as part of the service.

For anyone who has had to change residence it is a must to have an array of boxes on hand to pack up books, appliances, utensils and even clothing. They make preparation for the move less of a hassle. A further advantage here is that boxes used when moving items can also be kept to store items away. It is common to have people collect items they no longer need or use in boxes and store them away in attics and garages. Cardboard boxes allow these items to be safely packed away and neatly arranged in the storage space. Read Other Post: Ways To Use Cardboard Packaging Boxes

The boxes are not only used in domestic situations but also in the workplace. When storing old documents away, many companies use a cardboard box to hold items, and send them to the storage facility. New equipment that comes in such form of filing cabinets are also normally packed in these boxes. Whenever new offices are set up it is quite normal to find a large number of empty boxes being discarded that were used as packaging.

Cardboard boxes have become such a convenience that most manufacturers have custom packaging boxes fit to the specifications of their products. One need only go to the local supermarket to see these boxes in use, as packaging for a wide range of items from fridges to printer cartridges to even cigarettes. To further protect their merchandise, manufacturers ensure the dimensions of the boxes are suited to the product to be packaged, and often include further insulation material and bubble wrap to hold the product securely in place within the box. This way even if the box is jostled or turned upside down the product is still safe.

Manufacturers also use the exterior of the boxes as a marketing platform. They often provide a picture of the product stored inside the box and even provide instructions on how to use it. Some list the benefits of the product on the box. This encourages people to window shop the items and obtain information on them without even having to request to have it unpacked. It is not bizarre to find shoppers purchase an item without having actually touched or seen it, having relied solely on the information on the outside of the box.

Boxes, once unpacked, can be reused in a variety of different ways. In offices or business premises they can act as collection bins for charity. Some of the more unusual uses of these boxes include, use as a plaything. Children have been known to make use of boxes to construct make believe houses and fortresses. It is practically a free toy that any imaginative child can enjoy alone or with friends. Daredevils have also been known to put its cushioning quality to the test by jumping from great heights into a pile of cardboard boxes. On a sadder note, the boxes are also often used by homeless people as a shelter to protect them from the elements. Another benefit of these boxes is that most of them are bio-degradable hence environmentally sound. They can also be recycled and most have the requisite triangular symbol at the bottom to attest to that.