Chocolate Boxes

All but a handful of companies continue to feel the pinch of the current economic crisis. So much so, that marketing budgets are often the first to be reduced or cut altogether, until the recovery is assured. However, in times like these is more important than ever to remind your loyal customers and staff are valued worker. We summarize the main reasons why a small, well-chosen gift of luxury chocolates to pay dividends in terms of customer retention and staff.

Personalized chocolate gifts are an effective and inexpensive way to show your clients, customers or employees that you are proud of your brand. However, it is perfectly possible to create a wrong impression if the gifts bearing the logo are of low quality. So before making a decision on their corporate chocolate boxes, ask yourself if you are worthy of representing the company brand.

Most people are delighted to receive Corporate Chocolate Gifts. Why not take the opportunity to include a marketing message of your company or brand? Perhaps you’ve launched a new service product or website, or intention to exhibit their products at the fair next. We do not recommend printing the chocolates themselves, because once you eat the message is gone. By including your gift with a gift card of high quality, full color printed with your logo and message, you are offering your customers vital information in a format that can be retained.

In tough economic times it is understandable that many companies choose to reduce their marketing budgets. But in doing so, there is a danger that its clients can forget, or move their business to a competitor. Sending your customers branded chocolate boxes – however small – is a cost-effective way to ensure that out of sight is out of mind.

It is a proven fact that acquiring a new customer is much more expensive than retaining an existing one, so it goes without saying that it is worth thank your customers by giving your business. However, many companies now have strict guidelines that prevent employees to accept gifts of high value. That’s why chocolates are the perfect choice as a small-ticket item, usually fall within the limits allowable value gift.





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