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Wine Boxes

Wine-BoxesWine packaging comes in many shapes and sizes and has varied in style throughout the years. In general there are three types of wine packaging – the box, the bag, or cellophane wrapping. The difficulty with wine packaging is catering for the many types, shapes, and sizes of wine bottle, after all this is the whole reason that the packaging industry exists. There are three main types of wine bottle – Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Bocksbeutel. The burgundy has a height of around 360mm, as does the Bordeaux. The diameter of both is roughly 90mm at the base. The main focus of this article is the box but I will briefly talk about the other styles before expanding on the box variety of packaging.

Wine bags mainly come in paper based formats that are mainly designed for gift packaging purposes. Due to the less rigid structure wine bags tend not to be useful for postal transportation purposes as they will not adequately protect the bottle. However, the upside is that the bag can be more easily printed on. It is also more versatile in the sense that it can more easily cater for different sized bottles. Finally, the bag tends to be cheaper than the box. Cellophane wrapping is perhaps the cheapest form of wine packaging. It tends to be utilised as a wrapping around the box, however, is only visually affective if combined with other embellishments such as bows, ribbons, etc.

Wine boxes tend to come in three varieties- cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, and transit boxes. Wooden boxes tend to be the top of the range type of gift packaging for wine. They tend to be most expensive and also take up a lot of space in terms of storage. While wooden boxes are the more rigid and strong, they are also expensive to post and are relatively very heavy. Cardboard wine boxes offer a more cost effective alternative and can provide some very visually appealing effects. They are cheaper to buy, can be flat packed for easy storage, are strong enough for postal purposes and can more easily be printed on.