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Wholesale Shipping Boxes

Shipping-boxesCommercial enterprise of moving goods and merchandise helps yet another industry to thrive, that of the manufacturer of shipping boxes. Packaging of goods plays a major role in the marketing process. Several application areas which use these boxes include the FCMG, food, pharmaceuticals, garments, automotive, electrical goods and cosmetics industries.

Clubbed under the category of packing and shipping supplies, are the shipping boxes, mailing boxes, bubble mailers, insulated boxes for shiipping and corrugated boxes, all available in various sizes to cater to the needs of the industries and business houses. Shipping boxes manufactured from 100 % post consumer recycled materials, environment friendly corrugated boxes at affordable prices are on display on several online sites. These are all reusable and recyclable.

These boxes are generally measured by their inner dimensions. Standard sizes for these range between 4x4x4″ up to 48x40x36″. Some manufacturers offer heavy duty boxes to those customers who look for extra protection for the shipped goods. Two major components in the corrugated box gives it the strength, viz. linerboard which is the flat paper on the outside and medium, the fluted or arched paper, held securely between 2 linerboards, by a starch-based adhesive. This combination resists bending and is capable of supporting excessive weight. The strength of a box comes from the quantity of virgin pulp fibers and its length in the corrugated sheet. Therefore the more the pulp fibers in the corrugated linerboard, the stronger the box gets.

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