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Cheap Plastic Id Card Printing

Producing plastic ID Cards is a perfect add-on to a hot foil printing business. It’s easy, fun and highly lucrative too! There is a huge market for ID Cards, from businesses, banks, schools and universities etc. Plastic Cards are used as ID Cards, Security Cards, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Discount Cards, Student Cards, Access Cards etc. Now you can so easily tap into this large and lucrative very easily. all you require is our table-top plastic ID Card Printer, which simply links to your PC and enables you to print full color plastic id cards within seconds.

There are no messy inks and no plate or set up charges involved. Simply design your card in the optional software, and load your plastic id card printing machine will ‘Ribbon Cartridges’ – press print and stand back whilst the machines prints each card in full color. there is no drying time involved and the plastic card can be handled immediately.

Depending on which model you opt for, you can also print in single colors eg. blue print only on white cards, white print on red cards as well as metallic gold or silver print onto black cards. The latter resemble hot foil printing but without requiring any printing plates!

Plastic Cards can also be used as business cards and it is a fact that they are retained by the customer for a longer period than conventional business cards.