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Ways To Use Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard Packaging BoxesBoxes happen to be an aspect of our day-to-day existence we make use of them for all sorts of tasks from carrying purchases back from the supermarket to putting away items that might be important in the loft. Folks make use of cardboard boxes for packaging Presents which are shipped to relations located some distance away or perhaps the boxes are stored full of treats and also delivered to the military assisting abroad.

When they are moving house, many people have a tendency to make use of boxes made from cardboard instead of hardwood crates as they are less heavy plus they are a much cheaper way of packaging things. Organizations occasionally make use of cardboard packaging boxes to deliver articles to buyers far away. Air shipment is usually saved in cardboard boxes as an alternative to hardwood crates since the cardboard is lighter, which means the plane can carry more shipment.

Cardboard packaging boxes are environmentally safe because they are rather easy to use again, which means it isn’t increasing the worrying amount of landfill in britain. For those who have lots of books that you would like to keep, then packing them in cardboard boxes enables you to shield them from any dirt and mould that may also gather and ruin them. Kids enjoy boxes of any sort and will quite quickly convert a family house into a car or truck through turning the box the other way.

A lot of people think of plain brown cardboard every time they refer to packaging boxes made from that material however, you can easily cover them in wallpaper or foil if you wish to create attractive storage boxes. There are many mums who have employed a cardboard box for a short-term, over night bed for a small child and lots of folks make use of them as sleeping boxes for puppies as well as other small animals.

We are very much accustomed to cardboard materials for packaging that most of the time we overlook precisely how practical a cardboard box might be. Cardboard packaging material is perfect for keeping things and also providing boxes are put in a dry spot, they will keep belongings secure for some time. In order to send a thing through the post and also you’re not positive what might be the simplest way of safeguarding goods from harm, then you might choose to try corrugated packing materials. Corrugated packaging boxes have got a cushioned layer built into the box as well as this offers added stability when you would like to send out a parcel.


Corrugated vs. Cardboard

Corrugated-BoxesCorrugated or Cardboard? What’s the difference, you ask? Well, to most people these two terms are one in the same, but to a packaging engineer these are two totally separate items. In fact, most packaging engineers and designers cringe when they hear the word cardboard used in the wrong context.

The majority of people tend to throw around the word cardboard for pretty much any type of paper packaging boxes substrate they come across. The truth is, most of the time they’re saying cardboard, but they really mean corrugated.

Corrugated material is easy to identify. It is made up of three layers of paper: an inside liner, an outside liner and fluting which runs in between. The material gets its name from the corrugated medium, which helps provide it’s strength. The most typical applications of corrugated are in shipping boxes, retail displays, pizza delivery boxes and even some retail packaging.

The term cardboard typically refers to a thick paper stock known as paperboard or folding carton material. Typical applications are cereal boxes and other smaller consumer goods packages.

So, the next time you want to impress some of your packaging engineer buddies, be sure to tell them how you were impressed with the corrugated candy bar display you saw at a store, or how you recycled the corrugated boxes you received from

Corrugated Box Packaging Accessories for Custom Settings

windows_corrugated_boxCorrugated boxes are widely used as shipping, storing and display containers for numerous products. However, the packaging needs vary from one business to another. Some companies prefer to buy off-the-shelf corrugate containers and some order custom-designed cartons from a professional supplier. If you are using or planning to buy corrugated boxes for product packaging, consider the below list of box accessories that will help you make the most of your container’s space.

Dividers: Cardboard sheets are used as a divider inside the corrugated packaging and shipping boxes. These dividers can be placed in a large size container to separate the products. Another benefit of using these box dividers is that they hold the products on a specific position, which is very essential in shipping fragile items. Manufacturers can easily create as many compartments as you wish with this corrugated paper divider.

Box dividers are also used to protect the product from directly coming in touch to the outer pressure or compression. They are crucial to ensure that the product reaches the destination safely, without a single scratch on it. The major three types of cardboard box dividers are as follows:

Corrugated Dividers – A type of box divider that can accommodate heavy-weight products like coffee mugs, jars and bottles. Top-quality corrugated dividers are thick and sturdy. They have higher stacking strength and thus used for packing taller items.

Fiber dividers – Fiber dividers offer a higher level of protection and compatibility. In comparison of cardboard dividers, they create less paper dust. Also, fiber partitions can be crafted with higher accuracy than corrugated partitions. They are skinnier, so box size for the same volume of products will be reduced considerably.

Chipboard dividers – Chipboards are custom made to meet the customers’ specific packaging and shipping needs. They consume about 35 percent less area than standard cardboard dividers. So, by choosing chipboard partitions, you can save big on your packaging and shipping cost.

Pads: Pads too are made of cardboard material. They are used as dividers or insulator in packing boxes. They are plain cardboard sheets which can be cut based on customers’ requirements. Corrugated pads isolate different layers of products in a container. They are widely chosen for packaging promotional items, as they can fit to any shape and size. Pads can also bend as you want them to be.

Trays: Trays are cardboard boxes without top flaps. They are used to store bottles or tools. If you use a single tray to put single product, you can accommodate many other products within a container. Corrugated trays are available in die-cut style or you can customize the shape as you wish.

Foam Inserts: Foam inserts are a perfect fit to custom-made packaging boxes. They can bend in any shape and at any angle. They ensure that your product reaches the agreed destination in one piece. Custom foam inserts help you make the most of the space within the corrugated packaging box.

Corrugated containers, box accessories and package labels are three must-have components of professional product packaging. If they are chosen carefully, they help your products stand out in the market.

Corrugated Boxes

Shipping boxes are used to protect goods when they are in transit of being moved and this can be used to store many sundry items. The manufacturers have become more environmentally conscious and have started making environment friendly boxes. These cardboard boxes have proved to be extremely useful for packing fresh vegetables and fruits. These boxes are designed to protect the goods effectively from mechanical shocks and jerks that are something which comes inevitably during their transportation. Such boxes are very different from the simple cardboard boxes.

The primary material that will be used for the manufacturing of such products is a special board called Corrugated Cardboard. These contain the special design which makes the box very different from the normal cardboard boxes. These contain an air column which makes the corrugated box more durable and adds strength to the box. Since these boxes are to be used to transport very heavy material and objects they require a form of cushioning on the sides to prevent any damage from transporting these objects. There is a unique mixture that is being used to make these corrugated boxes for shipping purposes. The mixture has an excess ingredient of adhesive and paper which is combined at very high temperatures to make the box. Further on there are air columns of two or three layers which are provided to these columns and this makes these boxes very sturdy. These are known by the name of liners or flute which is the main component of the box which makes the box gain strength and stiffness.

These corrugated boxes are what makes these shipping boxes and it is used to transport goods for the households and the industries for a plethora of reasons.