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Custom Made Candy Boxes Can Make Your Gift More Special

Chocolate-BoxesBirthday, New Year, valentine day, anniversary or for any celebration, chocolates are the best gifts that you can present with the assurance that the receiver will surely love your gift. Chocolate is not just the weakness of kids and women but it is equally a tempting thing for men. If your are planning to gift someone a box of tempting chocolate then needless to say that you have made a good choice of gift, but you can make your gift more appealing by concentrating on its packaging. We all know that just as a book cover speaks volume about the content inside, so does packaging in case of gifts. With right kind of attractive packaging one can definitely enhance the richness of the gift by many folds, and in the case of chocolate the need of good packaging gets far more important.

Candy boxes are the best choice to ensure the quality packaging of your chocolates. There are various leading packaging boxes manufacturers & suppliers, who offer very exquisitely and creatively designed candy boxes to enrich the style of presenting the chocolates. You can also get your candy boxes customized by these manufacturers & suppliers, who can decorate the box as per the kind of chocolate you are offering and the occasion in which you will be presenting the chocolate. You can get really lovely and red color enrich candy boxes for this valentine to gift the favorite chocolate of your loved one in a more unique way and appealing way.

If you are a chocolate manufacturer and seller, then you can stay highly benefited by getting your custom candy boxes. Not just you can get your chocolate packaging boxes made as per your requirement, but can also do promotion of your chocolate brands. There are many people who love to present their loved ones and friends the home made chocolate rather than the market available branded ones. So, if you offer homemade chocolate, then don’t lose the magnetism of your chocolate by compromising on the packaging. Get attractive candy boxes, which are engrossed with your brand name and logo.

You can search the net and get names of the leading packaging boxes manufacturers & suppliers and contact them to receive the further details like how to order and how to receive the delivery. Most these manufacturers & suppliers give considerable discounts on bulk orders and also provide door step delivery facility. Now, you can take the benefit of online ordering facilities as propounded by most of the packaging boxes manufacturers & suppliers. This will help you to even access the suppliers from other states or cities.


Chocolate Boxes – Common Chocolate Myths

Chocolate Box
Chocolates have no season! No timing! You have it whenever your heart asks you to. And for many the heart never stops asking. Chocolates bring an aura of joy in any occasion. In fact, there will just be a handful of people around the globe who won’t like chocolates. Chocolates are ancient entities. It has been with us for thousands of years and has never lost its popularity.  But however great it might be, we people will in some way or the other find loop holes in everything. There are many myths concerning chocolate box and of course its mouth watering contents. Some of the popular myths are:

Chocolate is loaded with Fat – Some people believe that chocolates are heavily loaded with saturated fats which raise the cholesterol level. Milk chocolates are mainly made from stearic acid, a kind of saturated fat that is present in milk. Research says that the amount of fats generated from a bar of chocolate is very very less compared to consuming rice of the same quantity. Instead it increases the HDL level which is good for the human body.

Diabetes Patients Can’t Have Chocolate – Now this myth is completely absurd. Do not worry if you are a diabetic patient. You do not have to give up on your chocolates. The glycemic index of chocolate is very feeble. If you can wisely incorporate the chocolate intake in your balanced diet chart, you will be able to enjoy those mouth watering chocolate boxes everyday without any form of compensation. In fact, a research team found out that dark chocolates enhance insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients instead.

Chocolate Makes you Fat – Excess of everything is always bad, right? A balanced amount won’t get you any side effect. You won’t be fat. Only because you are a big fan of chocolate, does not mean you will have to finish whatever is before you in no time. Eat only as much as your body can burn them. When you exceed the limit, it gets stored as fat. So, at the end of the day, it is you who are to be blamed and not chocolates.

Chocolates contains a negligible amount of caffeine compared to coffee.  Where an 8oz cup of coffee contains as much as 120 mg, on the other hand on chocolate serving contains only 25-40 mg. You can see for yourself now which comes of an advantage to you.

Chocolate Makes your Teeth Fall Out – Trust me! Chocolates won’t give you cavities, but poor dental care will surely do. With poor dental care, your gums might rot by the consumption of almost everything. So, take care of your teeth and enjoy every bite from your favorite chocolate box without any second thoughts.

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Chocolate Boxes

choclate-boxes-printingMouth becomes watery when word ‘chocolate’ comes in mind. This yummy item is liked all over world and recommended for feeling happy.  This tasty stuff deserves to be in special boxes. These boxes are called chocolate boxes. They are specifically designed to present this tasty stuff in a unique way.

We offers broad range of chocolate boxes printing. We have special designs for occasions and events. From the standard chocolates boxes to the corporate style boxes we have. We offer quality printing on reasonable rates. Unlike others we offer you proper designing assistance and guidance to make your boxes special and unique.

We offer exclusive chocolate boxes printing for chocolate coins, chocolate golf balls, chocolate cigars, chocolate square cubes, chocolate squares, chocolympic medallions and many others. We have some extraordinary stuff for lovers. We understand your love and we give what your love deserves.

If you want any unique shape chocolate boxes which are different from all the available boxes we offer you best rates from market. We also do retail packaging to make the shipment of your chocolates safe. With our dedicated staff we give you best printing services.

Why Buy Luxury Christmas Chocolate Gifts

All but a handful of businesses continue to feel the pinch of the current economic downturn. So much so, that marketing budgets are often the first to be scaled down or cut completely, until recovery is assured. Yet at times like these it’s more important than ever to remind your loyal customers and hardworking staff that they’re valued. Below we outline the key reasons why a small, well-chosen gift of luxury chocolates can pay dividends in terms of customer and staff retention.

To Reinforce The Value Of Your Brand

Personalized chocolate gifts are an effective and economical way to demonstrate to your customers, clients or employees that you’re proud of your brand. However, it’s entirely possible to create the wrong impression if the gifts that carry your logo are low quality. So before making a decision about your corporate chocolate boxes, ask yourself whether they are worthy of representing your company’s brand.