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Cardboard Packaging Boxes for Custom Needs

Cardboard boxes for shipping are sturdily designed to meet most mailing specifications.

Cardboard Box

Cardboard boxes are usually consumed for the packaging of good and other packaging materials, these are prefabricated. However, a real thing about them that mostly people don’t know when you think about these boxes, you think that they are made up of cardboard. But, that’s not true. These boxes are actually created by a special stock named Corrugated fiberboard, that make the term cardboard box a misnomer.

The packaging boxes are divided in different types on the basis of the making of these boxes. These types include cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes. These are two different types, differentiated on the basis of their stock. These are fully recyclable and can be easily reused to make their alternative, which is later used for the different small packaging for toys and different products of low price. Read More. Ways To Use Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Commercially, they are produced commercially for the first time in 1817. These were created first time in India. Kellogg brothers were the first to use these boxes for the cornflakes and other cereals. There are various companies now providing the cardboard and corrugated boxes also wide ranges of die cut boxes. These are created according to the required size and shape of the customers. Most of things that you buy from the malls are packed in these cardboard boxes, when you go to buy generators or any other electrical appliances are packed in them. So, they are widely used all over the world.

An individual can have them printed with full colors and have the logo or the company name printed on it. Die cut and folding boxes are also available at cheap rates. Cardboard boxes are very important for placing different products in them and these boxes are also used to stand out the brand name by promoting the name with them on the products. Also these are created with the partitions in them, in order to keep the product secure during travelling.

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Chocolate Boxes – Common Chocolate Myths

Chocolate Box
Chocolates have no season! No timing! You have it whenever your heart asks you to. And for many the heart never stops asking. Chocolates bring an aura of joy in any occasion. In fact, there will just be a handful of people around the globe who won’t like chocolates. Chocolates are ancient entities. It has been with us for thousands of years and has never lost its popularity.  But however great it might be, we people will in some way or the other find loop holes in everything. There are many myths concerning chocolate box and of course its mouth watering contents. Some of the popular myths are:

Chocolate is loaded with Fat – Some people believe that chocolates are heavily loaded with saturated fats which raise the cholesterol level. Milk chocolates are mainly made from stearic acid, a kind of saturated fat that is present in milk. Research says that the amount of fats generated from a bar of chocolate is very very less compared to consuming rice of the same quantity. Instead it increases the HDL level which is good for the human body.

Diabetes Patients Can’t Have Chocolate – Now this myth is completely absurd. Do not worry if you are a diabetic patient. You do not have to give up on your chocolates. The glycemic index of chocolate is very feeble. If you can wisely incorporate the chocolate intake in your balanced diet chart, you will be able to enjoy those mouth watering chocolate boxes everyday without any form of compensation. In fact, a research team found out that dark chocolates enhance insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients instead.

Chocolate Makes you Fat – Excess of everything is always bad, right? A balanced amount won’t get you any side effect. You won’t be fat. Only because you are a big fan of chocolate, does not mean you will have to finish whatever is before you in no time. Eat only as much as your body can burn them. When you exceed the limit, it gets stored as fat. So, at the end of the day, it is you who are to be blamed and not chocolates.

Chocolates contains a negligible amount of caffeine compared to coffee.  Where an 8oz cup of coffee contains as much as 120 mg, on the other hand on chocolate serving contains only 25-40 mg. You can see for yourself now which comes of an advantage to you.

Chocolate Makes your Teeth Fall Out – Trust me! Chocolates won’t give you cavities, but poor dental care will surely do. With poor dental care, your gums might rot by the consumption of almost everything. So, take care of your teeth and enjoy every bite from your favorite chocolate box without any second thoughts.

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Researchers of Arm Amputees suggests Improvements in Medical & Healthcare Packaging

Healthcare packaging boxesThe healthcare market is an everlasting warm market. There are endless opportunities in this field. There is a viable ready market for products that is to be used with one hand. Taking the convenience factor into consideration, this is a package worth of giving a tough competition in the health care industry. As the saying goes in the “One Handed World”- convenience is a killer app!

A recent study shows that, products with one hand use finds priority in the market today, i.e. among the Baby Boomers. And with more than 79 million of them spread over the world, this is something that definitely catches attention. It leads to profit making and loyalty gaining from customers.

“One Handed World” studies that with the introduction of smartphone, there occurs a sure possibility of the beginning of a very different healthcare package with small glimpses of such products that will change the way humans interact in the future.

Multitasking is not a new term. But, it has got a completely different and advanced meaning with the penetration of smartphones in the market. It has been changing human behavior. Hence cannot be overlooked by designers or manufacturers around the globe.

Now you probably must be wondering, why arm amputees?

A survey was done to compare one product with both one-arm amputees and two-handed consumers. It came out that one arm amputees is being challenged nearly by about 250 products everyday, which includes packaging, with as much as 18 different categories. But when the same products were experimented on the two-handed consumers, they fared with it pretty well.

25% of the amputees were seen to be facing problem with everyday products with the help of just one hand. And as complexities are increasing day by day their difficulty graph too is not lagging behind. Two-handed consumers on the other hand are also having difficulty to some extent. And in some cases the difficulty level is more compared to amputees.

Another research says that around 40% of two hand customers generally keep one hand in an idle state. Thus, when the product and packages was tested on such lots, they used just the active hand.

Thus with the research on one-arm amputees, marketers will have to open up their minds in the future to create new designs by understanding the future prospects of the of the market need. They will have to keep in mind about the problems being faced with the products and go for the necessary improvements.