Cardboard Boxes for Packaging

Cardboard boxes are the most popular, and commonly used, packaging materials. They are being used in households, as well as manufacturing and retail services, commercial spaces etc. They are considered to be the best owing to several reasons. They have unique characteristics that distinguish them from the packaging material made out of wood, plastic or metal. The boxes might look alike, but each type of them has distinguished characteristics. Products as diverse as sensitive electronic gadgets like television sets to bulky wooden handicrafts can be delivered in these. There are different boxes available in the market to suit your purpose. Some of them might be light and delicate, while others offer the same strength and durability as a wooden crate

Prior to choosing the cardboard boxes for product packaging, you must be aware of the measurements. The standard calculation of the cubic volume for these are Length x breadth x height. This is applicable, only if your product is flexible enough to fit in a standard box. The box size is usually decided based on the dimensions of your product. The bubble wraps, polystyrene fill chips, etc block the additional space to provide cushioning to your products. Even the nature of dispatch must be considered to identify the right size. Minor adjustments in the height, or width, might be able to accommodate an extra row of products; thereby, reducing your transportation costs.


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